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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Very Adorable "Aratiles" Berries

Most of us, especially those who came from rural areas in the Philippines, are aware of aratiles berries coming from the Muntingia calabura tree.

The trees flourish even in poorly nourished soil, while the small seeds are easily scattered on the ground as the sweet and juicy berries are crushed through eating, or any other force. As a result the trees are so ubiquitous.

I bet that many of us have already tasted the very adorable berries which may come in glossy fuchsia, red, maroon or yellow green - appearing like miniature Christmas balls.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of eating some of these berries for dessert. Nibbling each piece almost brought me tears of happiness, since memories of my carefree childhood were relived.

These are the aratiles berries I ate:

aratiles, aratilis, saresa, Muntingia calabura


  1. Adorable indeed! I just picked some of these when I visited my hometown 2 days ago. I brought some here in Manila and I love to sprinkle them on ice cream.

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