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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping at the Public Market

Going to the public market  (palengke) in the city of Malolos, Bulacan is a chore that I enjoy because of the curious offerings seldom available in supermarkets. Sundays are shopping days at the palengke. Following are some pocket-friendly items that I bought there:

Half-kilogram of clams (halaan) costs twenty-five pesos. This shellfish will be boiled to provide broth to mung bean noodles, spiced with ginger.


Meanwhile, half-kilogram of bigger clam species (locally known as lukan) will be grilled. For only fifty pesos (excluding the cost of butter and coal briquettes), delectable treats will regale my tongue.


Newly unearthed peanuts costs only fifty pesos per kilogram. Affordable goobers will be boiled for snack:

mani, peanut, peanuts

The total price tag is only 125 pesos. Bring that amount to the supermarket, and what will you get?


  1. It's really cheaper in the market compared to the supermarket plus since its so convenient in the supermarket, you end up buying other items you don't intend to buy.

  2. Naku! I love halaan and maneeee!! Yomyomyom!

    Rizza (beingwell)

  3. Shopping in the market will teach you a lot of stuff compared when you shop in supermarkets. You learn how to haggle thus making you save moolahs. Saka iba kasi yung fulfillment ng nakapamalengke ka di ba. Haha!

  4. something that I truly miss! going to wet market!!!... #simplejoysoflife!

  5. geez!! i love eating clams!! why so cheap in philippines! haha very expensive here in singapore. xx

  6. mas mura talaga pag sa "dirty market" kesa sa supermarket.