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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Notes on the New 20-Peso and 200-peso Banknotes

The New Generation Banknote Series of the Philippine peso were released in December 2010.  Among these banknotes, the 20-peso and the 200-peso bills gained my interest. 

The obverse sides of the 20-peso bills in both the New Design Series and the New Generation Series seems to show us the "rejuvenation" of former President Manuel L. Quezon. The reverse side of the  New Design Series 20-peso bill has the Malacañan Palace in it.  

Obverse side of the 20-peso bill, New Design series
Reverse side of the 20-peso bill, New Design series
On the reverse side, Malacañan Palace became a palm civet. The scientific name of this animal is Paradoxorus hermaphroditus philippinensis. Incidentally, the initials PHP also corresponds to the ISO 4217 standard for the Philippine peso.  

Obverse side 20-peso bill, New Generation Banknote series

Reverse side 20-peso bill, New Generation Banknote series
Meanwhile, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo celebrates her sixty-fifth birthday today.  The picture of her father, (also) former President Diosdado Macapagal, is featured in the obverse sides of both the New Design Series and the New Generation Series. 

The "rejuvenation" of her father, former President Diosdado Macapagal, is also evident in the obverse sides both banknotes.   

As the Aguinaldo Shrine appears in the right portion of the New Design Series, the Barasoain Church is an addition to the New Generation Series.   

Obverse side 200-peso bill, New Design series
Obverse side 200-peso bill, New  Generation Banknote series
A major difference can be seen in the reverse sides. 

In the New Design Series, the 2001 inauguration of Mrs. Arroyo as President can be seen prominently. 

Reverse side 200-peso bill, New Design series
On the other hand, the New Generation Banknote Series features the Chocolate Hills in Bohol and the world-famous Philippine tarsier. Mrs. Arroyo's inauguration is a minor detail in the obverse side.

Reverse side 200-peso bill, New Generation Banknote series
I am wondering whether Arroyo's inauguration being replaced with a tarsier that clings to a branch were coincidental or intentional.

(Note: The images are scanned from banknotes inside the blog author's wallet.)


  1. Very informative post. I didn't even know the names of the series, we just refer to the New Generation series as the "new money"

  2. Very nice share!! Love it! I haven't held a 200 bill, yet btw.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  3. mmm...and if it were coincidental or intentional, what does it mean to you?
    may new money na pala sa pinas... now ko lang nalaman promise!thanks!

  4. I am not a keen observer of the old and new banknotes. I just noticed Gloria is still in the new banknotes.

  5. great observations!
    Of course I think the current admin wouldn't want to show off to everyone a significant info of the previous president who is also currently under arrest/investigation; the new notes are more colorful and attractive but spoiled more easily, was it off less quality materials?

  6. wow, I never had interest in looking at those differences before. 'as long as I have money, it's fine.' wehehe XD

  7. I like the way you were able to observe the old and the new bills. ^_^

  8. I think the old 20 peso bill looks better. But that's just my opinion. I think I just got used to it.

  9. You're very meticulous and observant. Very good observation.

  10. very informative. nakakamiss lng ung old 20 peso bill.

  11. i think of this as a marketing strategy also. as bills reach to many people, tourists or not they will be able to see the different beauty our country ahas to offer.

  12. Rey Valera resembles Manuel Roxas of the 100 Peso Bill because of his curly or kinky hair and a sharp nose in his younger days now Valera is already old and grey.