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Monday, January 7, 2013

Emilio Advincula, the Honest Taxi Driver

In 1996, the story of Filipino taxi driver Emilio Advincula's good deed became news at a time when honest persons are (and still) very rare. Advincula gained the admiration and respect of the Filipino public after he returned the PhP 2.5 million a passenger left in his cab.

Private citizens and civic groups took the initiative to reward Advincula and his family. In the following picture, which was published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on February 11, 1996, receives a reward from Jovito Salonga, head of the cause-oriented group Kilosbayan.

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  1. Emiluio advincula is sucha a nice person and a honest person as well and it was so cool that he didnt keep the money for himself. And he was such an inspiring person for me