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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tito, Vic and Joey as the "Kabayo Kids"

Kabayo Kids is a 1990 comedy-action film starring the comedy trio of Tito, Vic and Joey under the direction of Tony Y. Reyes Cruz. Aside from being apparently inspired by the Japanese sentai series Bioman, the title of this Regal Films production might have been a nod to the year of release, which is Year of the Horse in Chinese astrology. Kabayo is the Tagalog word for 'horse.'

Kabayo Kids, motorcycle, beach


The Kabayo Kids are erstwhile ordinary people having occupations related to horses: Pamboy (Tito Sotto) as the kutsero or coachman, Nanding (Vic Sotto) is the jockey, and Pando (Joey de Leon) is the blacksmith.  They are chosen by Don Horacio Caballero (Richie D'Horsie) to fight the illegal syndicate led by Noriega (Lou Veloso) and Red Devil (Robert Talby).

Kabayo Kids, Nanding, Pamboy, Pando
Nanding, Pamboy, and Pando

In a flashback, it is revealed that Don Horacio used to be a good-looking person (Rudolf Yaptinchay).  Since he did not give in to the syndicate's harassment, Horacio's face got disfigured after being beaten by Noriega and Red Devil's henchmen.

Horacio trained Pamboy, Nanding, and Pando in manual combat and weaponry.  Upon completing the training, the trio assumed the identities of Orange Juice, Green Mango, and Yellow Banana, respectively. They are dubbed as the Kabayo Kids.

Some screen captures of the action-packed scenes from the movie:

(NOTE: Screen captures courtesy of Regal Films.)

Kabayo Kids, Robert Talby, Red Devil
Robert Talby as the Red Devil
Kabayo Kids, Orange Juice
Orange Juice in action

Kabayo Kids, Green Mango
Green Mango in action

Kabayo Kids, Yellow Banana
Yellow Banana in action

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