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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Filipino Movies Having Titles that Contain the Word "Hudas"

Almost everyone knows Judas Iscariot as the Apostle who infamously kissed and betrayed Jesus Christ to the chief Sanhedrin priests in exchange for thirty silver coins. As a result, the name Judas or Hudas, in Tagalog, is typically used to accuse someone of treachery or of being a traitor.

There was even a popular saying in Taglish (mixed Tagalog and English that goes like this: "God knows Hudas not pay." (Hudas is a pun for the phrase "Who Does.") This saying is commonly seen in jeepney signage as an affront to passengers who intend to renege on paying the fare.

Many of us also remember the catchphrase, "Hudas, Barabas, Hestas!" which is regularly said by Doña Delilah (portrayed by Dely Atay-Atayan) to John Puruntong (portrayed by Dolphy) in the long-running TV sitcom John en Marsha.

We will be sharing with you posters of two Filipino action movies having titles that contain the word Hudas: Kapatid Ko si Hudas (My Brother is Judas) and Markadong Hudas (Marked Judas).
Eureka Films' Kapatid Ko Si Hudas, a movie based on an Aguila Komiks series, opened in theaters on February 3, 1993. John Regala and Rando Almanzor played the lead roles in this movie, which was directed by Dante Javier.

Kapatid Ko Si Hudas, John Regala, Hudas, action movies

Viva Films' Markadong Hudas, a movie starring Cesar Montano and Dina Bonnevie, opened in theaters on April 21, 1994. Under the direction of dramatic actor-turned-filmmaker Eddie Rodriguez, other cast members include Jun Aristorenas, Daniel Fernando, Teresa Loyzaga, Dick Israel, Berting Labra, Philip Gamboa, Manjo Del Mundo, Ernie Zarate, Joey Padilla, Chinchin Rodriguez, and Jose Sebastian.

Markadong Hudas, Cesar Montano, Hudas, action movies

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