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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Philippine Holidays for 2015

The first regular holiday in the Philippines for 2015 is today, New Year's Day. This holiday was declared through Proclamation No. 831, s. 2014, which was signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III last July.

Following is a listing of the other holidays for the rest of the year. The listing can guide us in planning our vacations ahead. It can be noticed that there are a lot of opportunities for free-time. Knowledge of these breaks can motivate us to work hard and enjoy the holidays as rewards for job well done.

A. Regular Holidays 

Maundy Thursday - April 2
Good Friday - April 3
Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) - April 9 (Thursday)
Labor Day - May 1 (Friday)
Independence Day - June 12 (Friday)
National Heroes Day - August 31 (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day - November 30 (Monday)
Christmas Day - December 25 (Friday)
Rizal Day - December 30 (Wednesday)

B. Special (Non-Working) Holidays

Chinese New Year - February 19 (Thursday)
Black Saturday - April 4
Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21 (Friday)
All Saints Day - November 1 (Sunday)
Additional special non-working days - January 2 (Friday); Christmas Eve - December 24 (Thursday)
Last Day of the Year - December 31 (Thursday)

C. Special Holiday (For All Schools)

EDSA Revolution Anniversary - February 25 (Wednesday)

The national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha will be declared "after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient". The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos shall inform the Office of the President on which days the holidays shall respectively fall.

It can be noted that there will be at least eight long weekends:

* January 1 to 4

* April 2 to 5

* May 1 to 3

* June 12 to 14

* August 21 to 23

* August 29 to 31

* November 28 to 30

* December 24 to 27

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