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Thursday, May 10, 2012

B1 and B2: "Bananas in Pajamas" Balloons

Children during the 1990s probably remember B1 and B2 of Bananas in Pajamas (originally aired in Australia's ABC as Bananas in Pyjamas).

ABS-CBN aired the Tagalog-dubbed version of this television show in 1994. The about five minute-long show was aired between the schedules of the tearjerker anime series A Dog of Flanders and the educational program A.T.B.P: Awit, Titik at Bilang na Pambata.

Two Saturdays ago, while walking along a sidewalk in Caloocan's Monumento area, I saw B1 and B2 balloons costing 35 pesos each.

Since I cannot find high-quality videos of Bananas in Pajamas, I just posted the pictures of the inflated B1 and B2 balloons.

Relaxing on the bamboo chairs

Photo-op with Sansevieria trifasciata in the background 

Suspended B1 and B2 balloons

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