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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Tagalog Movies from the '90s

I will be sharing posters of two Tagalog movies - a comedy and an action flick - shown in movie theaters on May 6, 1993.

Wanted Bata-Batuta, Vandolph

Wanted: Bata-Batuta stars Vandolph, son of the legendary Filipino television and film comedian Dolphy.  The supporting cast includes his real-life mother Alma Moreno, Al Tantay, and Jimmy Fabregas.

It is interesting to note that Ai-Ai De Las Alas, one of today's highest-grossing Filipino comedians, is part of the supporting cast.  DJ Jurano, who is usually seen in movies directed by Wenn Deramas (who also megged most of De Las Alas' hits), is featured in Wanted: Bata-Batuta.

Vengador, John Regala

Sgt. Lando Liwanag, Vengador (Batas ng Api) stars the award-winning John Regala.  This movie is one of the few movies where Regala plays the good guy. Regala is acclaimed for many of his villainous roles.  Paquito Diaz and Dick Israel, well-known villains in Filipino movies, are part of the supporting cast.

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