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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hilarious Scene from "Bagets"

Bagets (1984) is one of the well-known films in Philippine cinema. The title is derived from the Tagalog word bagito, which translates to 'newbie' or 'young' in English.  A box-office hit, this film's portrayal of issues commonly tackled by the youth, guaranteed wide patronage.  Bagets boosted the careers of  actors William Martinez, Herbert Bautista, J.C. Bonnin, Raymond Lauchengco, and Aga Muhlach.

I will be focusing, however, on a hilarious scene featuring a cameo role of the acclaimed actor Rafael "Bembol" Roco, Jr.

In this scene, Tonton (played by Martinez) and Arnel (played by Lauchengco) went outside the clinic where Gilbert (played by Bautista) is being circumcised.

Tonton saw a vendor (played by Roco) selling young coconuts (buko in Tagalog).  Along with Arnel, they approached the vendor's cart.  In his excitement, Tonton mistook the vendor's head for a coconut.

Here's a screen capture of the scene (courtesy of Viva Films):

William Martinez, Bagets
William Martinez (right) as Tonton

Bembol Roco, buko, vendor
Bembol Roco as the buko vendor


  1. I remember the bagets movie. It was one of the more popular movies in the 80s.

  2. missed this simple comic scenes... people are now into animations and camera tricks nowadays. Yahweh bless.

  3. I am a fan of classic Pinoy movies. Everythime I am watching old Pinoy films, lagi ako natatawa. I dunno. Siguro natatawa ako sa kacornyhan.

  4. hahaha. i love classic filipino movies.. magagaling umarte tlga.. ngyon, puro pacute na lang!

  5. Funny! How I wish they would revive this kind of comedy film. In nature, korni naman talaga mga Pinoy pero masaya :D

  6. Really classic film and classic comedy style. Hindi na mapapantayan ang Bagets.

  7. Loved this film. It's very fresh for its time and it is now a classic.

  8. lol, he thought, bembol's head is one of the coconuts hehehe.. I don't get tired watching classic movies like this..

  9. Classic films really rock. TV 5 has a remake of this movie.

  10. OMG! Blast from the past! lol

    I watched all of the Bagets Film. I think last year, I even watched the first in full length on youtube. Sentimental is my second name.hahaha

    The cameo of Bembol Roco (RIP) was very memorable and charming. :)

    1. No doubt, the 'Bagets' films are highly significant in the history of Philippine popular culture. :)

      By the way, the versatile Bembol Roco is still active in show business.

      I haven't verified his participation in other TV programs, but he appeared in ABS-CBN's 'Ikaw ay Pag-ibig,' which ended earlier this year.