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Monday, June 4, 2012

Notebooks from the Bulacan Provincial Capitol

Its back-to-school time for millions of students in the Philippines, and the search for school supplies will become more intense for students and parents alike. In the province of Bulacan, however, the search for notebooks will be apparently lessened for those studying in public schools.

notebook, Bulacan Provincial Capitol, Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado, Daniel Fernando

The front cover of the notebooks to be distributed bear the image of provincial governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado and vice governor Daniel R. Fernando.  The Tagalog phrase "Lalawigan Ko'y Ikaw, Lingkod Mo Ako" roughly translates to English as "My Province  is You, Your Servant is I."

notebook, Bulacan Provincial Capitol, Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado, Daniel Fernando

Aside from a Philippine flag and the provincial seal, the back cover of the notebook includes the lyrics of the Bulacan Provincial Hymn (music by Maestro Jacinto Z. Garcia).  Following is my translation of these lyrics:

Let us exalt, country of birth
Race of brave citizens
Heroes who gave their lives
Cannot be forgotten forever
Adored jewel having beauty
Pretty maidens
Associates of the Government
Honor of Bulacan

Our heritage now obtained  best practices in local government
To unite, to love and help each other throughout a lifetime
The young are ready to impart valor
And hope for tomorrow

Let's be proud we're number one
In all productive fields of endeavor
Cooperatives and sports
Health and cleanliness
Let's hold hands and offer together
Victory that was achieved
Your honor is unequaled
Province of Bulacan

The Bu-la-can


  1. The names and pictures of the politicians are probably more for the "benefit" of the kids' parents. Style.

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