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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comments about "Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa"

In 2008, Kaizz Ventures published "Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa," Dolphy's tell-all book (as told to the writer Bibeth Orteza).  With the demise of Dolphy, anything related to him has seen renewed popularity including this book.  A good friend of mine was kind enough to lent me a softbound edition for weekend reading.  I hope that in the future the price of the hardbound edition will decrease, so can I avail of my own copy.

Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa, Dolphy

In the book's opening pages, Dolphy dedicated the book to those who followed his career, and to those he made cry and laugh.  Aside from asking forgiveness from people he had hurt, Dolphy also forgives people who have offended him.

The book increased my adoration for the undisputed King of Philippine Comedy.  Like every other common Filipino, he had a considerable share of joys and sorrows.  As he laughed in times of happiness and cried in times of despair, Dolphy shrugged off worries brought by problems and faced them full of courage and dignity.

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