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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dolphy's "Home" Movies

Dolphy will be laid to rest this afternoon at the Heritage Park in Taguig. His memory will remain in the hearts of many people. Recognizing that in many ways heart equates with home, I'll be sharing some images relating to some of Dolphy's movies, titles of which include the word 'home.' 

(NOTE: Movie rights belong to RVQ Productions and Star Cinema.)

Home Along Da Riles is the first movie version of the ABS-CBN sitcom. Dolphy plays the role of Kevin Kosme, a widower who makes ends meet for his children.  Released in August 1993, the movie was co-produced by Dolphy's RVQ Productions and Star Cinema under the direction of Johnny Manahan.

Home Along Da Riles

Kevin Kosme rides a PNR train after being fired from his work as a chef.

Kevin leads his family in praying before a meal 

Kevin at his new office with boss Hillary (Cita Astals) and co-worker Steve (Bernardo Bernardo)

Sari-sari store owner Mang Tomas (Tommy Angeles) argues with Kevin about the latter's debts

A scene at the house of Azon (Nova Villa)

The family watches in horror as something happens in the Kosmes' house.

Home Sic Home was an entry to the 1995 Manila Film Festival. In this movie, Dolphy plays the role of Berto, a grandfather who was petitioned by his son based in the United States. As Berto copes with a different culture, he found love while missing life in the Philippines.

Also starring in this movie is Dina Bonnevie as Melanie, Berto's enemy-turned-lover.  Comedic support is provided by Babalu as Robin and Panchito as Pancho, father-in-law of Berto's son.  

Berto being amazed at Robin's appetite for pancit

Robin, Melanie, and Berto aboard the plane bound to the U.S.

Robin feeling cold after getting lost and found by Berto, while Pancho looks at Robin's actions.

A comedic action scene

Berto saw something that made him bite the flowers he intended to give to Melanie.

Robin pretends as the long-lost son of a patient at the caregiving facility where he and Berto works.

Berto and Melanie returns home.

In 1997,  Dolphy's RVQ Productions and Star Cinema co-produced the sequel Home Along da Riles Part 2.  This movie marks the construction of the Kosme's new house.  Babalu was added to the main cast, playing the role of Richie, Azon's brother. 

The movie is also about Kevin being summoned to the province to settle matters concerning the will of his uncle. Following are selected scenes from the movie.

Dolphy played the the role of the prisoner Upoy in Home Alone Da Riber, an entry to the 2002 Metro Manila Film Festival under the direction of Dolphy's son, Eric Quizon (credited as Enrico S. Quizon).  The movie also stars Dolphy's reel- and real-life partner Zsa Zsa Padilla as Sandra, and Jolina Magdangal as their daughter Joey.    

Upoy with Kingkong (Cris Aguilar) and Kumander Dengue (Palito) during a brief escape.

Upoy talks with the prison warden prior his release.

As Upoy adjusts to life outside prison walls after being released, he struggles with strengthening relationships with children who are unaware that he is still alive.  Following are some pictures from the musical number near the end of the movie.

Musical number along the river: Upoy and Sandra 

Musical number aboard the boat: Upoy and Joey


  1. LOL at Palito in jail. He can fit right through the bars!

  2. I miss Kevin Cosme! I watched this sitcom religiously and how he handles any trials that comes in his family. It showed that happiness in the family didn’t come from material things but from love and unity from each member of it.