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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Susy and Geno of Sustagen Fame

Adults who were children during the '80s more or less remember Susy and Geno. Who are they? Susy and Geno were the mascots who endorsed Mead Johnson's Sustagen powdered drink that was available in chocolate, vanilla, and mocha flavors. The etymologies of their names are very obvious. Susy and Geno purportedly targeted a market comprising young girls and boys, respectively. Following are videos of Sustagen's past TV commercials that featured the duo. Those are available on iwantpromo's YouTube channel.

Video Credit: YouTube / iwantpromo
The title of the first TV commercial is Sustagen Con Yelo. There, Susy and Geno come into life from a storybook. They give a step-by-step procedure on how to prepare Sustagen with ice: Four spoonfuls of Sustagen, sugar, and water are to be combined. Shake, then add yelo or ice. Moreover, the pair touts Sustagen's 23 Resistensya (resistance) builders, or nutrients that help children achieve good physical health.
Video Credit: YouTube / iwantpromo
In the "Wonderland" commercial, listless children on a train ride at the playground suddenly become energetic with the appearance of Susy and Geno. The duo seems to be inside a two-dimensional portal that they use to fetch those children, who are then brought to Sustagen Wonderland. There, the children play and solve arithmetic problems with gusto thanks to Sustagen. The drink is also said to provide "Resistensyarap" (a portmanteau of "resistensya" and sarap, or delicious).
Video Credit: YouTube / iwantpromo
Meanwhile, the last commercial is apparently set in the '50s. The theme song is reminiscent of Rock Around the Clock. Susy and Geno dance on a jukebox, so do the children on the dance floor. Unlike the previous commercials presented, this commercial highlights the drink's chocolate, vanilla, and mocha flavors. Nowadays, Sustagen comes in three variants: Sustagen Kid 3+, Sustagen School 6+, and Sustagen Premium. Kid 3+ and School 6+ are geared towards children's nutrition. On the other hand, Premium is intended for adult nutrition. These variants also come in vanilla and chocolate flavors only.

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