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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weird Food Combo: Suman and Guava Jelly

Hunger is a physical sensation that extends to the head, pushing one to exert all efforts possible to address it at once. Anything edible, regardless of taste, becomes manna from heaven when hunger sets in. When I experienced hunger a few days ago, the first thing I thought of was to raid the refrigerator.

The first things I saw were a jar of guava jelly and suman. The voice of weirdness whispered to my mind, as it instructed me to form a food combo out of these items. To those who do not know what suman is, it refers to a glutinous rice cake cooked in coconut milk. The cooked rice is then steamed while wrapped in palm or banana leaves.

How did the weird combo taste like? The milky richness of suman seamlessly merges with the jelly that lies on the border between tart and sweet. Appearance-wise, the look is not that good. The stimulus being brought to the tongue, however, compensates for this shortcoming. I highly recommend this food combo for snack and dessert.

suman, guava jelly, bayabas

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