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Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebrations: Dragon Dance

Chinese New Year celebrations often include the performance of the dragon dance because dragons are believed to bring good luck to people. The dance is performed by a group of skilled people who manipulate poles positioned at regular intervals along the length of a long flexible figure of a dragon. The dragon figure comprises a series of hoops that is covered with fabric. The ornamental head and tail pieces are then attached at the ends.

The dragon represents the river spirit, so the dance is conducted in a flow-like manner. A successful dance can be achieved depending on the correctness and accuracy of the different parts of the dragon figure. The motion of the head of the figure should be  be able to conform with the the body in synch with the beats of the drum. Sounds produced by the clashing of a pair of cymbals also accompany the dance.

dragon dance, Chinese New Year

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