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Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week in Philippine History and Culture (January 15 to 21)

Jan. 15, 1954: Palanca Award- and National Book Award-winning writer Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. is born in the island province of Romblon. Dalisay's body of work covers a wide array of genres including fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction and film scriptwriting.

Jan. 16, 1979: Film and television actor Mark Anthony Fernandez is born in Manila. Fernandez's popularity increased when he was part of Gwapings, a teen trio that saw fame during the '90s. He belongs to a family of renowned entertainment personalities: He is the son of the late actor Rudy Fernandez and the late director Gregorio Fernandez. 

Jan. 17, 1981: President Ferdinand Marcos lifts martial law eight years and five months after declaring it. The purported threat of communist insurgency, terrorism, and the ambush of then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile were among the justifications for the declaration of martial law. 

Jan. 19, 1607: The San Agustin Church in Manila's historic walled city of Intramuros is officially completed on this date.  It was designated as a National Historical Landmark by the Philippine government in 1976. Seventeen years later, the UNESCO named the San Agustin Church as a World Heritage Site. 

Jan. 20, 1984: Actress and television host Celestine Cruz Gonzaga better known as Toni Gonzaga, is born in the town of Taytay in Rizal province. Gonzaga became popular when she appeared in a TV commercial with Piolo Pascual in 2001. Aside from being a part of the musical variety show ASAP, Gonzaga is also a recording artist. 

Jan. 20, 2001: President Joseph Estrada is ousted in a nonviolent four-day revolution, which was dubbed EDSA Dos. Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo succeeded Estrada. Teofisto Guingona was appointed as Macapagal-Arroyo's vice president.

Jan. 21, 1883: Eulogio "Amang" Adona Rodríguez Sr. (d. December 9, 1964), the seventh and tenth President of the Senate of the Philippines, is born in the town of Montalban (now called Rodriguez) in Rizal province. Rodriguez served as Senate President from April 30, 1952 to April 17, 1953 and May 20, 1953 to April 5, 1963.

Jan. 21, 1918: Film and television actress Amparo R. Custodio (d. March 31, 1993), popularly known as Chichay, is born in Manila's Tondo district. With a career spanning almost fifty years, Chichay portrayed grandmother roles in many comedy movies. 

Jan. 21, 1984: The twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez is born in Beverly Hills, California. Both started their careers in show business as children. They were introduced in the 1987 horror-comedy movie Takbo, Bilis ... Takboooo! (Run, Fast ... Runnnn!).

A few months later, they were launched in the Kambal Tuko (Siamese Twins), a fantasy-comedy movie. Richard grew up to become an actor and commercial model, while Raymond focused on television hosting.

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