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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Ever-Present Good Morning Towel

"Good Morning" is not only a phrase you say to other people at the start of the day. In Filipinos' daily lives, "Good Morning" also refers to a brand of towel that can be used in any type of activity imaginable by people from all walks of life. Suprisingly, this towel is not locally-made; it came from China.

The typical Good Morning towel is made from cotton, rectangular in shape and measures about twelve centimeters by sixty centimeters. There are thin blue stripes on the long sides. The ends feature the words "Good Morning," a logo having the number "98" (this number varies) underneath it and a set of Chinese characters. I do not know the meaning of this characters, but presumably it is "Good Morning" in Chinese.

Good Morning towel, towel, tuwalya, bimpo

As long as I can remember, Good Morning towel is part of my daily routine. Laborers also use the Good Morning towel to wipe off their sweat during a day's hard work. Some tie it around their heads, so the towel can be considered as a a badge of proletarian pride. Even in movies, policemen in action can be commonly seen that way. The Good Morning towel can also be used in the kitchen if napkins are not available.

The towel reminds us of a long tradition of Filipino-Chinese cultural ties, a link that dates to centuries before our country got its name. It could be wishful thinking, but who knows, this humble towel can be a diplomatic catalyst. In light of the territorial dispute involving the West Philippine Sea (or South China Sea), citizens from the neighboring countries should work for peace, peace that is as white as a this towel. It would be the a worry-free time the Filipino and Chinese people will happily say "Good morning" to each other.

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