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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Angel's Breath For Men Only Eau de Cologne

Angel's Breath is a popular brand of cologne in the Philippines. According to its Facebook page, Angel's Breath "is the Classic Cologne that makes everyone as fragrant as the Angels. Made only from nature's garden of essences!" The cologne manufactured by Angel's Breath is typically marketed to babies and ladies, but in 1996 the company released a cologne that is marketed to men.

The following advertisement for Angel's Breath For Men Only Eau de Cologne appeared in the April 12, 1996 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Angel's Breath For Men Only Eau de Cologne was available in green 40- and 100-mL bottles. The blurb reads like this: "For Men Only!" A single splash on your skin. A feeling so different, you want it again. A scent so good you just can't stop her From trying it too!" It is still unclear whether this cologne brand is still available in the market.

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