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Friday, February 14, 2014

Filipino Movies with Titles that Include the Word "Puso" (Heart): 1994 to 1996

Today is Valentine's Day or Araw ng mga Puso in Tagalog. Araw ng mga Puso literally translates to English as "Day of the Hearts." In light of this celebration, let us recall some old movies having titles that include the word puso (heart). As expected, these films belong to the romance and/or drama genres.

Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko (I Wish I Had Two Hearts), a co-production by Viva Films and GMA Network, opened in theaters on July 27, 1994. Rustom Padilla, Dina Bonnevie and Alice Dixson led the cast of this movie. The title is based on a song by Bodjie's Law of Gravity. Under the direction of Laurice Guillen, other cast members include Gloria Romero, Tonton Gutierrez and Charito Solis.

Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko, Viva Films, GMA Network, Rustom Padilla, Dina Bonnevie, Alice Dixson

The cast of Kazuki Omori's Sigaw ng Puso (Cry of the Heart), a co-production by Premier International Corp. and Megavision Films, includes Filipino and Japanese actors. Lorna Tolentino, Sharmaine Arnaiz and Hiroyuki Sanada led the cast. Cynthia Luster even had a guest role in this movie, which opened in theaters on November 23, 1995.

A check with this movie's IMDB entry shows that the Japanese title is Kinkyu yobidashi - Emajenshi koru (Emergency Call). Omori is also known for directing a couple of Godzilla movies: Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) and Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991). 

Hiroyuki Sanada, Sigaw ng Puso, Lorna Tolentino, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Kazuki Omori

Muling Umawit ang Puso (The Heart Sang Once More) was an entry to the 1995 Metro Manila Film Festival. It swept 11 major festival awards including Best Picture for Viva Films, Best Actress for Nora Aunor, Best Supporting Actress for Donna Cruz, Best Supporting Actor for Albert Martinez, Best Director for Joel Lamangan.

Muling Umawit ang Puso,1995, Metro Manila Film Festival,Viva Films, Nora Aunor, Donna Cruz, Albert Martinez, Joel Lamangan

Based on the poster's layout, Ganti ng Puso (Revenge of the Heart) might be surmised as a sex-drama movie. It opened in theaters on January 31, 1996. The cast of this Mahogany Pictures production was led by Stella Ruiz, under the direction of Francis "Jun" Posadas. Other cast members include Dennis Roldan, Efren Reyes, King Gutierrez and Gandong Cervantes.

Ganti ng Puso, Mahogany Pictures, Stella Ruiz

Tubusin Mo ng Bala ang Puso Ko (Redeem My Heart with a Bullet), a co-production by OctoArts Films and Cinemax Studios (currently known as GMA Films), teamed up then-couple Edu Manzano and Anjanette Abayari. It was first released on March 14, 1996. The action-drama movie was helmed by Toto Natividad. Supporting roles were portrayed by Mark Gil, Bembol Roco, Jenette Fernando and Ronaldo Valdez.

Tubusin Mo ng Bala ang Puso Ko, OctoArts Films, Cinemax Studios, Edu Manzano, Anjanette Abayari, Toto Natividad

Bayarang Puso (Hired Heart) opened on June 20, 1996 as Regal Films' entry to that year's edition of Manila Film Festival. It was about a love triangle involving characters portrayed by Lorna Tolentino, Carmina Villarroel and Aga Muhlach. Jose Javier Reyes directed this movie.

Bayarang Puso, 1996, Manila Film Festival, Lorna Tolentino, Carmina Villarroel, Aga Muhlach, Jose Javier Reyes, Regal Films

Pusong Hiram (Borrowed Heart), an RJ Films Production of a Kara Films International presentation, was first released on November 5, 1996. It features Emilio Garcia, Richard Bonnin, Gem Castillo and Rita Magdalena. Jose "Kaka" Balagtas wrote the story and screenplay, while Leonardo Jose handled the direction.

Pusong Hiram, RJ Films, Kara Films International, Emilio Garcia, Richard Bonnin, Gem Castillo, Rita Magdalena, Jose Kaka Balagtas, Leonardo Jose

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