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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nano-Nano Candy TV Commercial

Nowadays, the word "nano" refers to the shortened form of "nanotechnology." Repeat it twice and nostalgia ensues. Many people who grew up during the 1990s probably remember a candy brand named Nano-Nano. It has that catchy commercial jingle with lyrics going like this:

Oh Nano, Nano it drives me crazy
I really love what it does to me
Sweet, sour and salty
Nano, Nano, Nano, Nano
Nano, Nano

Out of curiosity, I recall buying a sachet of this candy once. The taste did not really stick to my memory. The jingle, however, remained ingrained in the collective consciousness of many '90s kids, yours truly included. I have always thought that the candy was a Filipino product, but surfing through YouTube proved otherwise: Nano-Nano is an Indonesian brand. It is a product of Nimm's, a subsidiary of the pharma firm Konimex.

Shown above is, the only available copy of the TV commercial, on YouTube. The Indonesian origin of Nano-Nano led many viewers to believe that the characters in this commercial sing in Bahasa Indonesian. Many commented that it was Bahasa Malaysian. A voice announcer named Harith Iskandar speaks into the end of this commercial. Hopefully in the future, an English version that was aired on Philippine TV surfaces on YouTube.


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