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Friday, October 19, 2012

Jolt Cola Advertisement with Diether Ocampo

The April 7, 1996 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer carried an advertisement of the now-discontinued Jolt Cola. It can be noted that the soft drink brand was license by The Jolt Company, U.S.A., to Cosmos Bottling Corporation. The latter is a subsidiary of RFM Corporation.

Jolt Cola, advertisements, commercial models, Diether Ocampo

I suppose that the model is the actor Diether Ocampo. After searching the Internet, I found out that Jolt Cola was one of the many products in which he was commercial model.

Diether Ocampo, is a contract artist of television network ABS-CBN. His first big break in show business started in June 1996 with the launch of the teen-oriented show Gimik. Since then, Ocampo has been often cast in leading man roles.

Going back to the advertisement, it says "To Stay Awake, Shock Yourself! Or Get a Jolt!" Jolt Cola also brandishes the claim that it "Outperks Leading Colas!" The cola brand, however, stayed not too long in the market. I did not have the chance to verify this claim.    

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