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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Provincial Bus Tickets

One of the most common modes of transportation in the Philippines is the bus. To ride one, you have to go to the terminal or wait at the bus stop. Inside the bus, the conductor will ask the passenger about the destination.

Using a puncher, perforations will be made on numbers appearing on the ticket. These numbers correspond to the Kilometer Post Numbers of the locations where the passenger rode and will take off. Perforations will also be made on numbers corresponding to the fare amount. Oftentimes, Bus No. and dates have been punched in advance by the conductor.

Provincial bus tickets are commonly bigger than those given out in buses traveling in Metro Manila. Bus tickets from the Pangasinan Five Star Bus Company and Victory Liner are shown:



Comparison of notices on the back of the tickets:

"Based on Article 1998 of the Civil Code of the Philippines, the Pangasinan Five Star Bus Co., Inc. assumes no responsibility for any loss, damages or destruction of personal effects, luggage or other objects carried by passengers on their custody unless same is shown and a list thereof is given to the station agent or conductor and the passenger complies with the instruction of the station agent conductor relative to their eers [sic] and safekeeping."

"Victory Liner, Inc. assumes no reponsibility for loss or damage of effects, luggage or other personal belongings carried by passengers unless these are declared and shown to, and a list thereof is given and freight charges are paid thereon to the shipping clerk or conductor, and the passenger complies with the instructions of the shipping clerk or conductor relative to their care and safekeeping."

(The word "eers" that appears on Five Star's ticket should have been "care.")

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