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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Luis Gonzales in "Iginuhit ng Tadhana: The Ferdinand E. Marcos Story"

In commemoration of the ninety-fifth anniversary of the birth of  former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, I'll be sharing some screen captures from the 1965 biographical film Iginuhit ng Tadhana (translated as 'Destined by Fate'). The film stars Luis Gonzales in the title role and Gloria Romero as Imelda Romualdez-Marcos.

Mia Rosa is featured in this film as Doña Josefa, Ferdinand's mother.  Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. is cast as himself, while Vilma Santos and Chona portray Imee Marcos and Irene Marcos, respectively.

Iginuhit ng Tadhana is a Sampaguita Pictures presentation of a 777 Films production.  Three directors collaborated in making this film: Conrado Conde, Jose De Villa, and Mar S. Torres.

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, title card

Released right before the campaign period for the 1965 elections, the movie is said to have helped Marcos in winning the presidency.

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, law student
Ferdinand as the diligent law student

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, law student, defense, Nalundasan case
Defending himself in the Nalundasan case

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, guerilla leader
Marcos the World War II hero

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Romualdez, Imelda Marcos, courtship
Congressman Marcos courting Imelda Romualdez

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, senator, family man
Senator Marcos as a family man

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Imee Marcos, young, Vilma Santos
Vilma Santos as young Imee Marcos

Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Ferdinand Marcos, presidential campaign
Marcos on the presidential campaign trail

(NOTE: All screen captures courtesy of 777 Film Productions and Sampaguita Pictures.)


  1. Interesting film. I wonder if my aunt has seen this. For sure she will like it, because it has Vilma Santos and is about Marcos :D

  2. This was a propaganda film for his presidential election campaign. I remember watching this with my mom when I was in grade 1. Very effective as I got to see no other president for the next 20 years except Apo Lakay.