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Monday, September 24, 2012

Lito Lapid as Julio Valiente in "San Basilio"

San Basilio is a 1981 Filipino action film directed by Joey del Rosario and Tony Cruz. Featuring the masked folk hero Julio Valiente, the film stars Lito Lapid, a farmer and altar boy who assumes the role of Valiente to save the town from the clutches of the evil landlord Señor Escobar.

Produced by Lapid's LL Productions, the film exemplifies other Filipino actors' venture into movie production.


The henchmen of Señor Escobar (Johnny Delgado) prepare their weapons to ambush Julio Valiente (Lito Lapid).  Elsewhere in the town of San Basilio, pregnant Dolor dela Cruz (Perla Bautista) is in the verge of giving birth.  Valiente meets Escobar's group near the sugarcane fields and kills some of his men.

Traitorous gunmen, however, kill Valiente.  Meanwhile, Dolor gives birth to a child named Estanislao, or Islaw for short. Escobar drags the body of Valiente to the churchyard in the town plaza. Upon reaching the place, he asserts that San Basilio has lost its defender giving way to his self-proclamation as the "King of San Basilio."

Many years have passed and Islaw (Lapid) becomes a farmer like his father Andres and an altar server for the parish priest Padre Anselmo (Joonee Gamboa). He also woos the schoolteacher Sabel (Diane Jose), the daughter of Kulas (Lito Anzures). Kulas, a drunkard, claims to be an old friend of Valiente.

Escobar, on the other hand, grew richer and more powerful since the death of Valiente. Desiring for more land to accommodate irrigation for his sugarcane fields, Escobar asks his lead henchman Diablo (Paquito Diaz) to use all means to harass and force the townspeople to sell their lands. All relented, except Andres.

Andres meets other townspeople to reconsider their decisions and think about the future of their children. He and his wife paid the price of resisting - they were gunned down by Diablo and his cohorts.

The bad guys

Islaw sees the lifeless bodies of his parents on the ground after returning from his altar duties. After burying them, a horse suddenly appears to Islaw.  The horse leads him to a cave, where he saw a chest that contains a mask and a pair of machetes encased in sheaths made of gold.

Padre Anselmo later tells Islaw what he saw is enough evidence that the cave was Valiente's lair. Islaw then learns from Padre Anselmo who Valiente was. Islaw then uses the contents of the chest he found in the cave to assume the persona of Valiente in an attempt to stop Escobar's reign of abuse and violence over the townspeople.

Aside from being skilled in manual combat and shooting, the new Valiente's weapons include daggers.  Long strings are tied to the each machete handle allowing Valiente to kill enemies in any position.  Interestingly, Valiente seems to defy the law of physics: He aims the pistol at the blade of a dagger, effectively dividing the bullet and hitting two targets.

Alarmed with the losses in his force, Escobar asks Diablo to take the person who impersonates Valiente dead or alive.  Diablo also takes advantage of the opportunity to kidnap Sabel, who is later rescued by Valiente.

Valiente continues rescuing people from the abuses of Escobar and Diablo.  In an encounter, Valiente runs to  the church after getting hit in the right arm. Diablo's  failure to catch Valiente fuels Escobar's suspicion that Padre Anselmo coddles Valiente.

The next day, Escobar confronts Padre Anselmo and Islaw comes with a bandaged arm.  Escobar demands an explanation.  After Islaw says that the wound was caused by a nail in the carroza, Escobar slaps him violently and squeezes his wound.  Padre Anselmo comes to his defense telling Escobar that Islaw is a kind person.  An aide also tells Escobar that Islaw is a coward, for they have beaten him before.

Padre Anselmo later discovers that Islaw and Valiente is the same person.  He reminds Valiente about the dangers of taking revenge. Valiente attempts to kill Escobar, but was deterred by the coming of Diablo. As Valiente escapes, Escobar desperately plans to take hostage Padre Anselmo and the townspeople.

Escobar and Diablo

Escobar threatens to behead Padre Anselmo in front of the townspeople if they did not give up their hero. Knowing that their hero will come, many of them stand up to proclaim he was Valiente.  Valiente later came and asks to release his hostages. He challenges Escobar in a duel to give Escobar the chance to prove his courage.

A fencing match ensued between Escobar and Valiente. In the middle of their fight, Valiente's mask falls. Escobar become more irritated when Valiente mockingly saluted him. They reached the belfry and after much struggle, Escobar fell. Diablo goes after Valiente, while a free-for-all ensues as the townspeople attack the other henchmen.


The musical score was created by Ernani Cuenco. The lyrics to the Julio Valiente's theme song follow:

(NOTE: All screen captures courtesy of LL Productions.)

Julio Valienteeeee!!!!

Julio Valiente, Julio Valiente

Heto ang kasaysayan na nangyari noon
Aming naaalala magpa-hanggang ngayon
Ang bayang San Basilio, kahit na kayliit
Bawat dampa'y may taong sadyang mababait 


Julio Valiente, Julio Valiente
Julio Valiente, Valiente, Valiente, aaaaahhh ... hah!

Ngunit saanmang dako, may ahas din pala
Mga taksil na taong mapagsamantala
Isang Julio Valiente, sadyang mapagmahal
Ang nagtanggol sa bayan, tuwing may mangangamba

Julio Valiente, makisig, matapang
Sanay sa paggamit ng gulok at punyal
Siya'y tunay na bayaning mahirap makalaban
At kahit sa baril man, mahusay ang kamay

Maging ang kalaban ay napakarami
Wala ring panalo at 'di magwawagi
Hanggang may San Basilio ay may isang Valiente
Nagtatanggol sa bayan kung may umaapi

English Translation:

Julio Valienteeeee!!!!

Julio Valiente, Julio Valiente

This is a story that happened a long time ago
We still remember until now
The town of San Basilio, even if so small
In each house lives people who are so kind


Julio Valiente, Julio Valiente
Julio Valiente, Valiente, Valiente, aaaaahhh ... hah!

But everywhere, there are snakes
Treacherous people who are abusive
One Julio Valiente,  loving indeed
Will defend the town, everytime someone grows weary

Julio Valiente, handsome, brave
Skilled in using the machete and the dagger
He's a hero who is a formidable adversary
And even in using the gun, his hands are excellent

Even if the enemies are too many
They are ready to lose and won't win
Until there's a San Basilio there is a Valiente
Defender of the town if there's someone oppressed


  1. I love the song! movie seems to be very entertaining. only problemm seem to be too find a copy of the movie. would love to own a vhs or beta of it.

  2. I love the song! movie seems to be very entertaining. only problemm seem to be too find a copy of the movie. would love to own a vhs or beta of it.