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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11: Remembering 9/11 and Marcos

September 11 is a date that reminds us of the 9/11 (pronounced "nine-eleven") Terrorist Attacks.  On this date in 2011, three hijacked aircraft are deliberately crashed by terrorists into into the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Almost 3,000 people perished in the attacks. Many of us still remember the disastrous event with horror:

9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center towers (SOURCE: The Telegraph)

9/11 attacks at the Pentagon (SOURCE: Freedom Files Website)

Filipinos should also not forget that Ferdinand E. Marcos, the tenth President of the Republic of the Philippines was born on  this date in 1917.  Marcos was President from December 30, 1965 to February 25,  1986.  He would have been 95 years old if he were alive today.  On September 21, our country will commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Marcos' declaration of martial law.

Portrait of Ferdinand E. Marcos (SOURCE: Presidential Museum & Library)

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